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All change please, all change.

As the title suggests, it’s all changing. As you may have read from the last update, I (Dave) have had to vacate my previous property where the car was being kept. The original plan was to keep the car at Ryan’s place, but I had an offer from a colleague at work to hire out his garage (very close to my now old house). So, we decided to take him up on the offer!


The new setup (seen above) is a 3 birth garage which we affectively have two-thirds of. We will still share the usage of the garage, but it is predominantly for us to work on the car. We can keep the trailer outside as well, as there is a gate locking it inside a small courtyard area. The garage also has the most useful pit too, it’s great! First impressions are very good, the usability of the place is even better than we had at my previous property and we even get cups of tea!! Although it will cost us, above the zero cost for Ryan’s garage, it will be far more convenient for us here and in terms of overall travel time, it will prove to be a fair bit less between us.

The garage and pit have already proved their worth, as we began some more work on the car. The task for the evening was to the remove the subframe along with the steering rack to carry out a few other jobs. We had a starter motor problem that needed diagnosing and our assumption was that it needed replacing, so access to this would also be essential.


We were very pleased with how the increased access helped us get to all the necessary fixings and the subframe was soon free. After being able to get to the starter motor, we can see that the feed to the solenoid has come off….so we are very much hoping that this is the reason we had a problem. We won’t find out until the subframe goes back in though, because we don’t want to start the engine whilst it’s not fully supported. Finger’s crossed that has saved us another job.


Next on the agenda is to refresh the steering rack by replacing the rod ends and get a good solid mounting for the rack on to the subframe. We will then change the wishbone mounting position for a more suitable wishbone angle. A couple more small jobs on top of this and the car will be ready again for another test on August 31st down at Castle Combe. More to follow soon!

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