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Cadwell Park – April ’13

After a few weeks of fiddling with the car, we managed to arrange a little day trip to Cadwell Park for a trackday. This time round, it was just the 3 of us along with Dave’s Dad, Reg. The 2 previous times Reg had been in the car, something had broken, so he had apprehensions that he may be a jinx. Fortunately, this time, the bad luck would come to an end…. As you can see, we are also sporting part of our new livery, along with our “coorporate brand identity”.


We arrived on time and got all set up in the paddock area. Briefing over, we checked over the car and went our for a few sighting laps. Our initial impressions of the track were very good, some nice twisty sections accompanied with a few faster sweeping bends. The car ran nice and reliably through the morning and we started to really get used to the setup of the car and the layout of the track. The chassis changes we’ve made were really starting to show. The understeer we previously saw a lot of had been dialled out and the response of the front was really positive.

The morning went by pretty quickly and it was soon lunchtime. We noticed just before lunch that our passenger side driveshaft boot was spitting gear oil out, so our lunch break would be taken up with fitting a new clip on the boot to ensure no more leakage. We also decided to pull the old Toyos off and stick on the Dunlops we’d acquired from Tony @ Burpspeed. We didn’t expect brand new levels of grip, but we were certainly expecting an improvement over the Toyos that had done a few trackdays now.

After a couple of laps getting them up to temperature, the car was starting to feel more balanced. The rear wasn’t sliding around as much and the initial turn in was a little more responsive again. We were starting to really get to grips with the track as well, the right-left-right-left-right section after the mountain catching Ryan out on one occasion, the only spin of the day though. We even managed to go through the first left hander, Coppice, flat out, which we wouldn’t have been able to do with the previous setup!

The afternoon session ran pretty well, the track started to clear up a little as a few people started to leave and we managed to get a few clear runs in. We even managed to get Reg in the car for quite a few runs and the car didn’t break! The jinx had definitely been lifted. A quick video showing one of Ryan’s quickest laps:

All in all, a really good day. We’re happy the balance of the car is near where we want it to be and we’ll be looking forward to giving the car a good run at the TinTops Brands Hatch race in a few weeks time.

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