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Easter ’14 Update

As we approach easter, we can finally say that the winter build is complete. We have spent many months putting together an engine package that we hope give us good power & torque whilst still maintaining a certain amount of reliability. We’ve spec’d it such that if we have an internal engine failure, a replacement unit would be relatively cheap. The full spec of the engine is as follows:

–          Standard F4R engine bottom end with Phase 1 head (larger exhaust ports)

–          Catcam 421s with VVT (inlet cam phasing)

–          182 exhaust manifold

–          Full custom 2.5” jetex exhaust system with 100 cell cat & 420mm round silencer

–          GSXR1000 throttle bodies with Honda S2000 360cc injectors

–          90mm trumpet length & custom intake manifold

–          Emerald K3 ECU

Now that the engine is running and idling, it’s time for us to get it mapped. So, we took it over to Dave Walker @ Emerald to get the job done. Here’s a video of the car on the rollers:

As you might be able to hear, it has a nice smooth delivery of power and it just seems to keep rising! We were reasonably optimistic of what kind of power it might give us, with our 3 estimates between 200 and 210 bhp. So, when we got a result of 224.6 bhp, needless to say we were pretty chuffed.

CR Clio Power Torque Curve (April 2014)

The power torque curve shows a nice delivery of torque from 4500 rpm upwards, the rev range we’ll be using when out on track. Good solid result all round!



Next up, we just have a few loose ends to tidy up. This includes; flocking the dash and lots of p-clipping now that the wiring is complete, panel in the front end around the radiators and air filter and do a final bit of setup work. We’ve booked up for Oulton Park on April 30th for a bit of a shakedown in time for our first race at Silverstone on May 10th!

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