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Happy Easter!!

The short Easter break can mean only one thing……more time in the garage working on the car! First job on the cards is to finish off the brake lines and fit our rear bias adjuster. We found a nice neat location on the passenger side which is out of reach of the driver and yet very accessible.


Rob’s mammoth task of wiring has gone to a new level; his mock switch panel and the amount of wires everywhere show the extent to which he is going to make this all work. We still haven’t had the engine running, but that isn’t too far away now.


In the mean time, the polycarbonate for the doors has been fitted, complete with window slider for the driver.


We’re attempting to make our own rear screen too, using the road car we happen to have lying around as a template. We’re not entirely sure if we’ll manage to manipulate it in to shape, watch this space for the result of this one!


Finally, the bumper has seen a little bit of modification as we fit the towing eye and brake ducts.

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