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In the beginning…

The story of Chase Racing began in the last few months of 2011, during a casual trip to a rolling road to see a friend’s Civic TypeR, which was being prepared for the TinTops series. Ryan and I (Dave) were on the way back from the rolling road in my Clio 172, when Ryan said “What’s stopping us doing the same thing?” I couldn’t think of a reason not to….and so it began.

The next step was to recruit a third person to join us in this project; this is when I asked Rob if he would like to be a part of it. In his signature laid back way, he expressed his enthusiasm – “sounds terrific”. This was the first meeting of Ryan and Rob, but I knew there wouldn’t be any clashes of character here, both great guys and both very calm characters.

Ryan and I have known each other for a number of years when we met whilst on an industrial placement at Cummins Engines back in 2007 as part of our respective university courses and have been good friends ever since. Rob I have known since we both began the graduate scheme at Jaguar Land Rover and I knew he was the right guy to approach about this project and it seems the three of us are already showing we make quite a good team! Ryan also joined Jaguar Land Rover in 2011 and hence why we are all in close proximity now.

On to the team name; we had struggled to come up with a team name for a little while, but finally settled on Chase Racing. Rob’s surname is Chase and we felt this was the best name we had. We had many inappropriate suggestions, but settled on this. Rob’s not in charge though…… no one is, it’s anarchy!

And so, in the new year of 2012, we began the project.

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