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It’s coming together now

We’re getting towards the stage now where we’re actually putting a few things back on the car, which is a really nice feeling. The first of which is the front left corner, the brake pads are still to be bought, so we’ll leave the caliper off for now until we get them.


Rob and Ryan have made a nice job of fabricating a rear stiffening brace. This cross piece comes off the rear top mounts and across to the fixing position for the rear beam; a plate has been made here with encapsulated nuts, getting rid of the standard fixings which have a very awkward round head on one end. This cross piece also avoids collision with the cage, maintaining it as a true bolt-in cage.


We’ve also had a few more parts, including the new polycarbonate which will make up the rear screen (side windows to follow), full set of discs, a new steering column (already fitted) and some speedline anthracite 15s which have come from a former 182 cup car!! It’s all about who you know, 300 quid for the 4 wheels!

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