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June ’13 Update

Despite saying to myself that I would endeavour to do more, smaller updates, another month has passed and we have a number of activities to talk about. During the driver change of the Brands Hatch race we couldn’t get the car going, so we had to bump start it…. Our assumption being that we’d fried the starter motor! After our post race check of the car, we found that the starter itself had actually separated from the flywheel housing and was just spinning away, not cranking the engine over at all. This was a relief, but obviously meant that we hadn’t made sure it was attached properly in the first place. Another line item for the check list.

Another issue we encountered between qualifying and the race was that our fuel filler neck wasn’t exactly fuel tight. We managed to use some random bit of pipe to fix it at the track, but this wasn’t really a permanent solution. So, a new filler neck assembly was ordered and we’ve simply replaced the whole section. Problem number 2 fixed!

Next up, we decided we needed to improve the quality of the data we have been collecting. The logger has the capability to process quite a few different channels, so we’ve decided to try and utilise them. First up, we’ve picked up off the brake pedal switch and can now log when the pedal is being pressed or not. We would like brake pressure of course, but that would cost us a small fortune, the installation of 1 wire enables the simple brake switch input. Then, we’ve also patched a wire in to the throttle pedal so we can see throttle position. The combination of the two means we can now assess how much time we take going from one pedal to the other.

Looking at the data from Brands it was clear that we weren’t quite maximising the performance of the engine as we weren’t consistently getting near to the limiter. So, alongside the additional data, we’ve figured out how to configure our dash display and it will now give us a series of shift lights! So, watch out in the next video for lots of red flashing lights on the steering wheel.

We’ve been asking ourselves how do we get more time out of the car without spending much money…… and we’ve come with a fool proof way of achieving this: make the car look faster!! So, Rob got out a few rattle cans and painted some bits up in our infamous green. We estimate this should improve our lap times by at least 4 tenths.

Finally, in the interests of making ourselves look more professional, we’ve had a couple of polo shirts made up with our logo on them. No crawling under the car with these on though!

Next outing for us is a trackday on July 2nd down at Castle Combe, readying ourselves for the TinTops race 11 days after that on July 13th.

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