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May ’14 Update

As I mentioned in the previous update, there were a few loose ends to tidy up before we heading out on our first test of the year. The dash piece has come back from being flocked and we’re pretty happy with how it has turned out. Here’s a before and after shot of it.

Dash before after

With the dash in place we were able to finish the routing of wiring, attach our new driver vent and hook up the data logger dash display. I mention the last item in particular, as we have also done some work programming the data logger to process a variety of inputs from the ECU. This includes all the usual temperatures and pressures, allowing us to record everything that happens as well as just being able to see them on a dial on the dash.


Oulton Park was the location of our first test, a track none of us have driven before, so it was important that we learnt the layout ready for the September round of the Tin Tops. Fortunately, the weather held out and the day remained dry with ambient temperatures reaching around 17 celsius. For the most part of the day the track was quite busy and with it being a trackday, it was difficult to really get a clean lap in.


We were still able to thoroughly test out the car and in fact developed a bit of an issue with the steering column halfway through the morning. Fortunately, we were able to fix the problem and got the car back out just before lunch.

After lunch, we decided to lift the limiter and test the engine out a little. This all went well and the car really started to show it’s pace and potential. We still have some work to do on setup as move through the year, but overall, a successful first test. We now look forward to next week’s race at our local track, Silverstone.

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