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New Year’s Update

Just a quick update on what we’ve been slowly chugging away with over the last month or so:

One of the first items in our winter upgrade package is to change the bushes in the rear beam for spherical bearings. So, out comes the old and in goes the new, which has been welded in place prior to assembly.


The next item, which is probably the most significant change, is our decision to fit throttle bodies. Ryan has completed the fabrication of the intake and, the picture below, shows it all mocked up in place. We have also begun the tricky task of re-wiring the car to work with all the new components. We’ve done away with the standard ECU we did have in favour of an Emerald one, which along with some cams will hopefully give us a decent power increase.


As you can see in the picture, the front slam panel has now disappeared due to the size and package of the new intake setup. This has also caused a height issue under the bonnet, so we pulled out the angle grinder and as if by magic, we now have space!


You may anticipate that all this change might have a knock on affect, and it certainly has!! We’ve done away with some of the standard Renault equipment in the cockpit and have also decided to modify the dash layout to suit. Below is a snap of where we’ve got to so far. The plan is to apply some flock material over this once all the fabrication is complete.


So that’s it for now; hopefully we’ll make some more progress on all these things pretty soon. The aim is to get the car out for some kind of testing in early/mid-March.

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