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No turning back

The first part of this update is good news on the license front. On Friday, Ryan went to Thruxton and passed his ARDS and then, on monday, I went to Silverstone and got mine too!! (Rob already has his). We just need to send the forms off and we’re ready to race!

Next, a few updates on the car. It won’t really look like much, but we’ve been finishing off all the fabrication on the inside of the car ready for paint. Firstly, a harness bar needs to be installed:


Next up, the rear stiffening section needed finishing off, complete with a nice piece of tubing to neatly fit around the top mount in order to accommodate the top mount spacers.


The last bits of fabricating are completed inside, including lap and crotch belt attachment points for the harness. The car has been completely wrapped in newspaper ready to spray up too!

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