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One new engine please.

Once again, the Chase Racing team has been busy in the garage….. After our antics inAnglesey, we had a quiet week to give ourselves a bit of time to recover before tackling the car. We then took the crippled engine apart to identify the problem. Our first observation was this:


The top of piston 4 looks particularly shiney, which can mean only one thing….it’s been touching the head! So, this must mean that something beneath has moved that small amount for it to move the piston further up.  After rolling the block over and inspecting the crank, we found this:


This again is piston 4 and as you can see, the bearing has spun and in fact the shells have overlapped! We attribute this to the excessive engine speed (from the missed gear) causing a movement enough to let the bearings slip passed each other. We also believe that as the car was exiting a high speed corner at the time of the incident, oil starvation might have contributed to this.

After further inspection of the remaining big end bearings, we found that all of them looked like they were on their way out as well. So, the fact that the engine was getting on a bit didn’t help the situation. The crankshaft looks to be reasonably unharmed, so hopefully that will still be good to use in the next engine derivation.

Meanwhile, we have sourced another engine!! We made a quick trip down to Kent to catch the TinTops qualifying session and then pick up our new engine from nearby. A productive bank holiday Monday it was! The engine was soon back in our garage….


We got on with dressing the engine with all the relevant ancillary items and got it on the crane. Ryan also did a very nice job of wrapping the exhaust too.


Next thing you know….the engine is in! We just need to connect everything up and we should be ready to run it up to temperature and check it’s as solid as it looks. As soon as we’re confident it’s a go-er, we’ll book another test and get some crucial seat time in.



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