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Silverstone ’14 Race Report

Silverstone is pretty local to us and signing on wasn’t until 10 so we got a bit of a lie in. Much to his frustration Dave was at a wedding and under very strict instructions from his girlfriend not to “go on and on about racing.” Therefore it was Ryan and myself driving. Kindly Dave’s dad Reg volunteered to tow us there in his Range Rover and we met at the workshop at 7. In my haste to load the car onto the trailer, I managed to break the passenger side door handle driving the car out of the garage bit it was soon sorted with some cable ties and duct tape. Not a good start to the day but at least Dave wasn’t there to give me a dressing down.

Scrutineering went well. After the test at Oulton Park, we all felt that the set-up was a bit on the safe side and felt like stiffening up the rear would make it a bit quicker. However the weather forecast was a bit pessimistic and we didn’t want to do that if it was going to rain. We had an anti-roll bar to fit but left it off for qualifying and regretted it. This was the first time we had driven at Silverstone but we’d both done plenty of revision on Youtube. The under steer was much more apparent than it had been at Oulton, especially around Beckets and Luffield. Ryan managed a 1:10.5 which put us 17th on the grid and fourth in the Clio Class (B). Uncharacteristically there wasn’t anything to fix before the race, just the anti-roll bar to put on so we watched a bit of the racing, had some lunch and did a few pit stop practices. We got it down to a consistent 13 seconds which should help in the race.

Ryan was first to drive and managed to make up several places on the start. A couple of the cars ahead had dropped out which put him on the other side of the grid and inside for the first corner and went from 15th to 9th on the first lap. By the time he came in on lap 16, we were up to 4th, a number of the cars ahead already having pitted. At this point we were the second Clio behind Ian Collins and we both came in on the same lap. There was a bit more fumbling this time and we were stopped for about 20 seconds but still came out ahead of Ian who we found out afterwards got the harness twisted and had to start again. We still got the quickest stop of the race with a total time of 45.3s. I went out ahead of Ian and was expecting to see him in my mirrors at some point but he never appeared and we finished the race 8thoverall and first in class.

Very happy with that but there’s still a bit of setup to do. It was certainly better in the race with the anti-roll bar but far from perfect. Ian’s fastest time was about half a second quicker than ours and he’s bringing his secret weapon to Brands Hatch apparently so it looks like we’ve got some work to do.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much media to share from our first ever class win…. We didn’t have anyone taking photos and the main race video for some reason messed up and we only got the first few minutes. Nevertheless, that small video is still available to view.

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