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Some light chassis mods

It’s been quite a while since an update, so I guess it’s time for one! The last outing for us was back in September when we partook in our first race at Donington Park. After the race, we wanted to draw some conclusions on the characteristics of the car and start to plan out the next steps.

The modifications we had made to the subframe previously had proved positive, but the application wasn’t quite perfect, so we were interested in giving it another go. This time, we have decided not just to lift the wishbone pick up points up, but to move them outwards as well. The templates were made up and offered up to the subframe…..


We then used the wishbones themselves and a couple of straight edges to make sure that we have moved these pick up points the same amount either side.


Once we were happy with it, we applied some more permanent welds and offered it up in to the car to check for clearances.


This modification has a few implications across the front end…… Firstly, the track increase means that other items have to extend outwards also; steering tie rods and driveshafts. To tackle the tie rods, Rob has made up some threaded spacers which sit on the end of the rack. With the driveshafts, we will make another small spacer to sit on the back of the hub and then allow a small amount of float at the differential end.

Secondly, moving the wishbones upwards has meant that we have made a significant increase to the amount of bump steer we get. So, in order to counteract this, we are going to create a high tensile pin on the end of the tie rod to drop it down and match the incline of the newly moved wishbones.

On top of this, with the wishbone moving upwards, we noticed that the ARB was now colliding with the underside of the subframe. This could’ve been one the reasons for the unpredictable handling at Donington. So, to fix this, we are going to create some drop links which will bring the ARB back to a position which allows a good amount of clearance.

One other modification we have made in the last few weeks is to change the top mounts in the rear. Rob took to the turning shed once again to make some nice aluminium numbers with an integrated spherical bearing. The idea of this is to try and get rid of some of the compliance in the rear end.


Also in the pipeline, we are hoping to increase the amount of caster on the front with a bit of a modification to the wishbones themselves. Overall, we have been making steady progress with all of these chassis modifications and we look forward to testing them all out in a few weeks when we head back to Donington.

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