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Spring 2015 Update

With the car back in one piece, it was time for a pre-season test down at our local circuit, Silverstone. We had a few new bits to test on this one, namely the new brakes, which would need a bit of getting used to. Ryan found this out a few times with a couple of spins, he blames one of them on the fast approaching BTCC Toyota of Tom Ingram!

Screen Shot - Ryan Spin Testing Silverstone 2015

After a pretty successful day on track, we went for a little chin wag with our good friend Dan Turner. Coincidentally, he is the owner of Advanced Motorsport Engineering and runs a nice little dyno in Silverstone, so we thought it would be a good idea to check the engine over and do a few fresh power runs. The Dynapack system he uses bolts on to the hubs and we get a power read out directly from there.20150501_161141

The engine seems to be running as well as it ever has and Dan even managed to squeeze a few more horses out of the old pony, 195hp at the hubs, which equates to around 235hp at the flywheel! Here’s a quick video of one of the power runs:

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