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The new car: CR2 – August ’16

After all that happened at Spa, we had made the decision to take some time to prepare the next shell, we even had another blue shell sitting in the yard that we were getting ready to use. However, those plans changed when we stumbled upon a ready-to-go caged shell for sale. At only £1450, it was a bargain, especially considering it was a full weld-in cage with polycarbonate windows all round.lnig8846

First on the job list was to strip everything off the wrecked shell and determine what new parts would be needed.


A pair of new wishbones and a front subframe would be needed, so they were cleaned up and painted. Another on the list was the gearbox; the case was cracked, so it went off to the specialist along with another case we had lying around.img_2613

Next up, a bit of prep of the new shell would be needed. Removal of some pretty hideous homemade seat frames was first on the list. Once the shell was ready, in came the dash and the entire wiring loom.img_2603

Then, the big bits went in. Front subframe, rear beam, all 4 corners of suspension, steering rack and column and then of course, engine, gearbox, driveshafts and exhaust. Ryan’s tireless hours were really paying off and the car was really coming together. So, with a target in mind, we decided to book on to race at Thruxton.img_2641

The next set of tasks included a new alternator mounting bracket, fitting the throttle bodies and some new trumpets and airbox for them, the previous ones being damaged in the crash.img_2753

In went the seat, steering wheel, belts, handbrake and gear selector.


The last few tasks included fitting a fire extinguisher, battery and pull cables for both and finally, the obligatory green paint. That would round off the mammoth task, all complete in 3 weeks. The car, currently with a valid MOT is now ready for a shakedown on the Warwickshire roads.


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