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The preparation is complete!

After a couple of months of hard work, we’ve finally finished all of our preparations on the car. It’s now all ready for Wednesday run out at Brands Hatch.

Since the last update, we’ve been doing all the finishing touches, one of which was diagnosing a problem we thought may be a dodgy starter motor. The engine was really struggling to crank, but would fire if we put another battery on and held the button for a little longer. After a closer inspection, we noticed that the positive battery terminal was not quite getting a solid connection. So, Ryan got his tool belt on and crimped a new connection on the positive lead and hey presto…. all fixed.

Another thing we’ve been keeping on the back burner is the attachment of our new data logger, a Race Technology DL1 with dash display. This has all been wired in now and the dash display sits neatly behind the steering wheel. At the moment, we will purely we logging speed, and lateral & longitudinal accelerations, but as we move forward we’ll add in various sensors to aid our analysis. Once we move to a stand alone ECU as well, we should be able to link that in to the logger and read all the engine parameters including the key feature of configuring a shift light.

And so, after a thorough nut & bolt check, a good tidy of the workshop and a couple of sticker additions the car looks ready and raring to go. For the first time in quite a while, we are ready with time to spare and hopefully Wednesday will go without a hitch. Here’s to hoping for a dry day!

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