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The space saver wheel guide

The Chase Racing guide to developing a space saver wheel for a Renault Sport Clio:

Take one Renault steel wheel, place over rear hub and carefully cut a perfect circle. (Chase Racing cannot be held responsible for any personal injury caused from emulating what you can see in the following image)

Hopefully, if nothing has gone wrong, you should create a piece that looks a little bit like this:

Then, take one Vauxhall Vectra space saver wheel (16 inch), carefully cut out the centre to a slightly smaller diameter than that of the previous piece cut out from the Renault wheel. Take the centre piece and mark the position at which it will be perfectly central. Grind away the paint and weld both sides to ensure structural rigidity.

Please note, we have made this wheel in order to reduce the overall width of the front of the car for when we put it on our trailer. As such, we won’t be subjecting the wheel to more than 5mph. Chase Racing cannot be held responsible to any damage caused to yourself or your vehicle if you attempt to re-enact any of the actions shown above.

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