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We’re getting closer…

The date has been set, we have booked a track day/test at Angleseyfor Saturday 28th April and we have submitted our entry for the Brands Hatch race on May 7th. The deadline is now set, definitely no turning back now! We also had confirmation of our race number…..25, which happens to be how old each of us is right now.

We’ve completed a few more tasks in the mean time; first of all, a wonderful job has been made of the dash piece. We have ergonomically tested it and we can all reach all of the switches whilst in the same seat position.


A few other jobs have been done; Brake ducts have been finished off with a little deflector plate to aid the flow into the calipers and a cold air box with a feed from the lower bumper has been finished. The box fits just nicely into the space vacated by the battery and also has a mounting position on the rear face for the engine ECU!


We don’t have a great deal left to do now, it’s just a case of tidying up loose ends and applying those finishing touches, then we should be ready to go in plenty of time for heading to Anglesey. It’s getting exciting now!!

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