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We’re ready to run…

An eventful 24 hours has got us to where we want to be, ready for a long trip over toAnglesey. Brake lines have all been re-done as the flaring tool we had wasn’t very good. We also applied a few finishing touches, such as clamping down the fire extinguisher and battery.


Our attempt to make our own rear polycarbonate screen looked pretty shoddy, so we popped over to the scrappy and found a white tailgate complete with glass for a mere 20 quid. We also managed to get some phase 1 rear lights to replace the one we smashed earlier on in the build. The good thing about this addition is that the inside of the boot now matches the white paint work inside the car!


We’re pretty happy the car is ready for it’s first test now, so we’ll be up at stupid o’clock in the morning to head over to Anglesey and hopefully we’ll be able to get some good track time in.

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