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What else can we remove?

Whilst I was away with my lovely lady for the weekend visiting her parents (and their new dog), Ryan and Rob made some cracking progress. A lot more fabricating has been done and some good steps have been made. 

Ryan’s beautiful welding really showing through now, base plates are all sorted.


He’s also done the brackets for the door bars.


The blower assembly has had a nice little blanking plate bonded on, so as to direct all the air on to the screen. It’s a see through panel too….how novelty.


The bumper is off now too, as is the radiator and inlet. We’ll be pulling the engine out for a few quick changes once the wheels are back on the car.


The rear suspension being re-constructed.


The rear end going back in place. You can also see the plates welded underneath the sill that’ll be used as jacking points. We put these in place to give us more material to weld against when putting in the base plates for the centre section (first pic of this post)


You can also now see we have the new gaz golds in place on the rear, just waiting for the new discs, pads and camber shims to finish off that bit.


A front cross car beam has been welded in across the front section of the cage to house the modified top dash piece. This cross beam still maintains the cage as a true bolt in cage, whilst providing good mounting points for anything we need in the way of gauges, switches etc.


Here’s the view from the rear…. Next jobs to do include a harness bar and some rear end stiffening. Plenty more to be getting on with anyway. Watch this space, next update in a few days.

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