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Winter build update – April ’15

Since the turn of the year and Dave’s emigration, Ryan and Rob have been extra busy working on some more improvements for the Chase Racing Clio. Well, we wouldn’t be who we are if we were to leave the car as it was would we!?

After a number of reliability issues towards the back end of the season, we decided that certain parts of the car needed to be refreshed. Firstly, we wanted to avoid the various issues caused by the modifications we had made to the subframe. This meant we would scrap the modified subframe in lieu of a standard one.

However, this is essentially a step backwards in development for us as we had made those modifications in order to correct the geometry and had really felt the benefit in cornering speed. So, to offset this backwards step, we have also purchased some nice machined pieces that move the outer joints downwards, rather than moving the inner joints upwards like we had previously. The picture below shows the fitted kit in place.


The next item on the agenda was the brakes. We had been experiencing a lack of control on the brakes, so, we decided we would fit a dual master cylinder set up in order to gain bias control. The original bulkhead section has been modified to accommodate the new clutch and brake assembly.


The new setup is far more versatile than before and we even have the ability to move the pedals fore and aft if we deem it necessary. With the master cylinders fitted and new lines run, the new pedal box is up and running. As you can see from the picture below, we have also opted for a hydraulic clutch.


It’s a good job we’ve not got a blower assembly anymore, as we’ve now got 3 remote reservoirs to fit. Some nice braided lines and we have a lovely little setup neatly packaged under the scuttle panel. Coming next is some new front brake calipers, details of which will be found in the next update.


With the new pedal box assembly, there was a clash with the standard steering column. We obtained some new hardware, as seen below, to create a simple, low maintenance steering column setup.


As mentioned earlier, the boys really have been busy! Along with all of these changes, a full set of fibreglass panels have been acquired.


They came unpainted, so along came Ryan with his paint gun and many coats of paint. First, a few layers of primer.


After a few layers of Monaco blue and some lacquer, the panels look great. It’ll be a while before we weigh the entire car to understand the full extent of the saving, but we’re sure it’s a substantial saving. The car with driver and a full tank of fuel was previously a little over a tonne, so we’re hopeful that we’ve finally dipped below that magic number.


The car is nearly all back together now; we only have a few more jobs to complete before the first outing. Watch this space, the Chase Racing Clio should be up and running again very soon.

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