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Winter Build Update – February ’14

The preparation for the new season continues and we’ve made a bit more progress with the winter build. One of the most time consuming tasks on hand is the wiring; the dash assembly now includes a hinged panel containing all of the necessary dials and switches, with the ignition and starter now moved to the right hand side of the driver. No more knocking the fuel pump off in the hurry to change drivers! So, most of the wiring has been laid out, just a few more long hours needed to get it all connected up.


One of the main features of the new wiring layout is our ability to disconnect the engine harness completely from the body. This is achieved by having all low current signals sent through a detachable mil plug connector (seen in green in the pic below).

Another item that can be seen in the picture below is the addition of a fuel pressure regulator; part of the new fuel system that we’ve laid out in the car. The black cylindrical bulkhead fitting you can also see in the picture is part of the new driver ventilation system, aimed at stopping all those mid race hot flushes!


If you have a really keen eye you’ll notice that the fuel pressure regulator has 2 lines running to it, one feed and one return with a T-piece taking the fuel to the rail. Those 2 lines run through the bulkhead, down beneath the car and to the back of the car where, of course the pumps, tank and swirl pot sit.


Along with all of this, we’ve made a new exhaust system. We acquired a 100 cell cat a while back and decided to mate this with a series of pipe sections from Jetex. Then, with a bit of fettling, tweaking and welding it came together quite nicely. Now we’re just hoping it’s not too loud!


So, that’s it for now. Still a fair amount of work, hopefully we can get the car running pretty soon!

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