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Winter build update – March ’14

We set ourselves quite a task with the changes we wanted to make over the winter, but we are now getting close to completion. Ryan’s many hours of wiring are very nearly over and all of the little fabrication jobs are pretty much complete. These have included things like, a bracket to hold the oil cooler in a neat position just above the main radiator and a small bracket to house the coil pack on the drive end of the engine (plus many other small items).

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have routed all wires in the engine bay such that we can simply unplug the engine from the rest of the car. This has meant that removing the engine has now become quite a simple procedure. So, it’s now out of the car ready for the installation of a set of Catcam 421’s….which are due for delivery imminently!


Whilst the engine is out, Rob has taken the opportunity to wrap the exhaust…… and very lovely it is.


Inside the car, it will be quite visibly different with the new dash assembly and one of the main aspects from the driver’s perspective is the panel that sits under the cowl. We have made a custom piece which houses the data logger screen (showing speed, lap times and shift lights mainly), a number of warning lights, lambda, voltage, water temp and oil pressure gauges. This panel slots in to place via a tab along the top edge and is secured with two small bolts along the bottom edge. This means that if we have an issue with any of these items, they are very serviceable as this panel can be very easily removed much like the central panel. Once the wiring is fully complete, we will get the whole dash piece flocked, minus the panels.


The main tasks left on the job list are mostly centred around getting the cams in plus a few other loose ends. So, within the next two weeks, we should have the car all back together and we can get it over to the rolling road to do the mapping work. Then, the plan is to do a test/trackday in April before heading to Silverstone in May for the 2nd race in the TinTops calendar.

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